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  1. “Legalist,” not “Legist,” in my Chinese history class. The only problem is that Mencius was not a Legalist at all. But hey. I would call myself a moderate Legalist with Taoist leanings.(I find it slightly disturbing that the golden age of political thought in China was over 2000 years ago.)As for the Mandarin examinations themselves, of course the system lasted for quite some time, but I think you always received a post of some sort if you got far enough in the system. Of course I am going just on distant college memory and .

  2. …"But can you think of any instances of mimicry in humans?"Obviously the one we've been talking about hereHa ha.No, seriously, your allegations aside, can you provide any instances in which the sort of mimicry you mentioned has ever been documented in humans?

  3. Coronel,que tal a OAB cobrar dessa penca de políticos leis eficiente e eficaz, sem necessidade de interpretação, punindo com rigor os larápios e os bandidos. Cadeia com punição pecuniária, sem direito a liberdade. Crimes de morte doloso, direto para cadeia, só sendo solto caso o júri o absolva. Essa OAB é uma piada.

  4. Tens dito porque es um burro fodido oh pedro miguel…achas que o cosme damiao nunca se chegou mais perto de 1 arbitro? Diz me assim…achas normal que por 1 palhaçada destas se termine um jogo? Ja vi balizas arder,mortes nas bancadas,jogadores á pancada,e o jogo continuou..achas isto normal?Nao ves aqui nada de estranho pois nao?? Entao vai la dormir rapaz,e dorme bem

  5. Olá Norma,Sou grande admiradora da arte do Toninho. Adoro este mineirinho “arretado” que entende tudo de poesia. Sua sensibilidade é abençoada. Gosto de tudo que ele escreve, seja em prosa ou verso, e seus haicais são sempre lindos e criativos.Um prazer vê-lo recebendo esta carinho e reconhecimento.Beijos aos dois.

  6. Erlend especially, but everyone else as well: the Wikipedia article on Philo is dreadful. Up until last week, it was almost completely copied or paraphrased from the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906 (so not copyrighted). I'm trying to improve the article, but it's well outside my abilities to do it well. Please join me or pass the word that wiki editors are needed. Thanks.

  7. Doti innate che ce voi fa?L'unica mia perplessità è questa se prima poteva essere una patologia denominata 'aerofagia' adesso è una dote che vale la qualifica al grande fratello? :DComunque parlo io che conosco ragazzE (fossero stati maschi pure pure) di 15 anni che parlano ruttando… Arriverà mai l'età della ragione per loro?

  8. What about the Sprint 1050? I’ll caveat this by saying I do not know what Triumph’s business strategy is in their immediate future; but there’s a little to much model identity dillution going on.

  9. November 24, 2010 at 7:47 pmAfter a careful read I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time to put this post together. I once again find myself spending way to much time both reading and commenting. But who cares, it was still worth it!

  10. I knew Leroy from the time he joined Bowater. Leroy was a great example ofa christian and someone that needed a sholder to lean on.He lived a life that was an example for others to follow.My prayers for his family during their sadnes.

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  12. lucas koala disse:evon tem como me dizer se esse mini long é bom para slide e para o meu tamanho tenho 1.65 de altura peso 50.kl descrição do mine long :modelo: slalon /cruiser c/tailtamanho :79 cmtruck long : 160 mm brutus, invert ou flhrodas: siglo deck 70 mm 97 Arolamentos: ABEC 11distancia entre eixos: 60 cm

  13. Seems to be a polar position:Lincoln situation-Strong President, weak general.Obama situation-Weak President, strong general.As a former Army Officer, I disagree with what McChrystal did, resign first. He McArthured himself, he should be fired. I wholeheartedly agree with his message to the troops and Obama, his Community Organizer in Chief. That was a stinging PUBLIC rebuke for all the world to see. KUDOS!

  14. David I too like the EB 45 dutch pantry window but that is a costly (and in our opinion) troublesome decision for the owner. If it fails when in the down position what do you do? I (we) like simplicity of thimngs that work and that we can have faith in working day in and day out. Gadgets are cool too but this one really concerns us

  15. I couldn't agree more with you on your approach to naughty foods. I definitely spoil myself with unhealthy foods but not very frequently and when I do eat the real deal. and I LOVE buffalo wings!!!! Thanks for the recipe and history behind it!

  16. Hallo Frau Barth,Ihre Arbeit und Ihr Mietverhältnis müssen Sie separat betrachten. Als Mieterin zahlen Sie zu Recht auch einen Teil der (eigenen) Gartenarbeiten. Ja, der Vermieter kann auch Kosten umlegen, die früher vielleicht nicht angefallen sind oder umgelegt wurden. Hier würde ich einfach in den Mietvertrag schauen. Ist die Umlage der (neuen) Kosten hier vereinbart, können diese auch umgelegt werden.Viele GrüßeDennis Hundt

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  20. Als die Probleme auftraten, wurden im TV die Aufnahmen von der Generalprobe gezeigt! Findet Rogers Erklärungen dazu bei Youtube unter: Pink Floyd Roger Waters Wall Berlin documentary (1990) (ab Minute 24)!

  21. Me quito el sombrero, Wil. Una joya de video. Oro puro de 24 quilates. No cabe duda que de esta crisis económica salimos bien rapidito gracias a esta gente. Eso sí, ojalá nuestros políticos fueran tan sinceros como el bueno del Ferra, que de ahora en adelante estará eternamente en nuestros corazones.

  22. I agree, Wendy – dance and cheerleading are sports. But, I still don’t see her in it. Thankfully, she seems to have lost interest — but thankfully she has not lost interest in dancing with me, two crazy women letting loose in the kitchen.

  23. Dr. Bretton Garcia, Ph.D., To personify is one thing, to historicize is quite another. Ancient Jews were not thrown for a loop when they saw wisdom personified in the Proverbs, but that's a far cry from saying that they invented narratives of an earthly life for this personification.As Mark Goodacre pointed out in the podcast with Richard Carrier, the consensus dating of the undisputed Paulines puts them within 15-20 years of the initial resurrection announcement. To superimpose on these documents the mythicist perspective just isn't logically sustainable.

  24. Mr.Bheemeshwar writes:Dear Aysha, I have gone through the article, there is no ambiguity in using the “from the Himalayas, by bisleri. As MEMW has only Himalaya in their trade mark. In court of law both are different as the wordings make them different. his is only word juggling, the TATA’s contention does not stand fully. If thier registration doesnot have the brand “From the Himalayas”. Since Himalaya is only thier trade mark in plain speaking this infringement case is lost. with warm regards dbheemeswar

  25. disse:Blz Anderson!Eu como fotografei por muitos anos somente festas infantis e famílias, achei seu trabalho com familias sensacional.Captou com excelência a paixão dos pais pela filha, a emoção transpassada nas fotos é de emocionar (meio redundante essa colocação hehe)…Parabéns!Abraços

  26. I’ll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

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  30. DropBox is a fantastic cloud solution. Hats off to them for building a great product. But their business risk is their front door is controlled by Microsoft, Apple and Google who I’d be very surprised would let a ‘feature company’ (so far) like DropBox win.

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  34. Today’S world is both very rich and very poor.half the people in developing countries–live on 1billion people earn less than US$1 a day.Thepoverty,while the world’S population continues toover the next 50 years,is enormous.

  35. It's bipartisan of course. Michelle Malkin on:."GOP presidential front-runner Rick Perry was in New York today [September 20, 2011] delivering a speech in defense of Israel’s sovereignty.Back at home, Texas Tea Party activists had their own press conference to call attention to Perry’s inattention to home state border and sovereignty issues…"

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  37. firdt that salman film is multi starrer n like the way u telling for this thing its danish n arayaan 44 is responsible they acused akki that his movie is multi starer n its not his movie so in reply to that akki dan said that in reply to them.

  38. OMG, she looks sooo much better now that she’s got some serious curves!! <3 Not that Uma was one of them borderline-anorexic, unhealthy-looking types before either, but still. Love it.

  39. LOL, it does look like DU has been invaded by Lousy Freeper Trolls!I hope the courts continue to uphold the Constitution. I am worried, because I currently am forced to purchase four different insurance policies by state law, one to run a business, one to hire employees who might get hurt on the job, one to drive a car, and one to own a home. Obamacare basically mandates that I purchase a fifth insurance policy, which is difficult because after paying for the first four, I haven't got any money left over.

  40. سلام سید جانحرف شما درستمشکل اینجا بود که من فراموش کردم ذیل عکس بنویسم عکس تزئینی استانشاءالله سریعا این مشکل برطرف میشهیا علی مدد

  41. If it's a Republican with the Iran Contra scandal it's a massive hearings and convictions, but if it's the democrats selling arms to Illegals, drug dealers and terrorist it's no big deal, just a simple mistake.Yea a simple mistake that cost the life of an officer and no telling how many innocent civilians have or will be killed by these same guns.I hardly think one fired and several demotions is sufficient punishment for these crimes.This country is truly in the hands of criminals and is circling the bowl in need of a flush.

  42. Great Blog.. Now following you on Twitter also! ( I seemed to have missed the 35 pending ‘follower’ requests on the tweet machine- relatively new to twitter but not to blogging – sorted now). I was prescribed Seroxat 15 years ago, 100% med free ten years and counting….( Aropax in New Zealand). Side effects on Seroxat were hell… and then some.. Great to see more and more people blogging about side effects from psychiatric drugs… discourse from patients is the way forward..

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  44. Suggesting OBL was "buried at sea" to avoid his cemetery becoming a shrine to Islamicists is just dumb. Ain't no way Islamicists are going get to Diego Garcia except as "enemy combatants" ie prisoners. If you are really worried about creating a shrine, cremate the body after it has been exhibited to international journalists and DNA tests and other forensic tests have been done.No one believe that the USG is so fatidious about Islamic burial customs.

  45. would be a sport and join in on other virtual initiatives going on in the blogosphere. Toni over at A Daily Dose of Toni and a number of other bloggers are answering 30 questions in 30 days and all linking up to their

  46. Sean,There is a longstanding belief among the Chinese that their origins in East Asia are very ancient. The multiregional model is popular in China because it supports that belief.Rev Right,Perhaps. I suspect that Eurasians have the least admixture, but I could be wrong.Ben,Why no hair on the Neanderthal's face?

  47. I only watched it because in my country November 5th is definitely *not* forgotten, and I expected a firework show similar to the one we celebrated just last Friday. How can this fellow claim to be interested in the history and yet be ignorant of the fact that it’s a national celebration for a major English-speaking nation?

  48. Espero que sea bueno, por que todo lo que yo he tocado de toshiba, portatiles, journey y algun que otro aparato eran lo peor que he podido comprar en esta vida. Productos malos con ganas, averias y fallos a gogo. Y ves al servicio tecnico de Valencia y veras…. Te sale el tio con el cd del linux live a testearlo en el parking y encima no da una…. mi experiencia con toshiba, LO PEOR!! Y sera que no pasan portatiles de muchas marcas por mis manos…

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  50. AFJ. Aimee – there are some general writing hints on the FAQ page – but for a play, the most important thing is to make everything sound as real and as natural as possible – so my tip would be to speak all the lines aloud as you write them – so you are sure they sound like things people would actually say. Maybe even record the lines and listen to them back to make sure.

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  52. Also to correct your over estimation NH, there is enough to ruin a medium countries day, not enough to destroy the whole planted literally. Repercussions later would possibly hurt us just as much.( cancer, radiation)As an example, The U.S.A has detonated at lease 1,000 Nuclear bombs/missiles on our own territory. (a little more than that if you must be accurate to the number its like 1,470 something) -Semper-Fi

  53. I’m so glad I found this! I exercise regularly, but I don’t perform at any sort of competitive level. My iron is usually borderline, and they usually have to centrifuge a sample to see if I’m over the cutoff or not. The last 2 times I donated, I felt absolutely awful all week afterwards. I got winded just going up one flight of stairs! And this even though I increased my intake of of iron-rich foods for days before. I donated monday, and I haven’t tried to exercise yet. At least I know its not just me!

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  56. Gonzo comme dit Mogwaye, avec 21 buts le banc n’est peut être pas la meilleure place pour Bafé…En plus même si il n’est pas toujours visible dans ses prestations, il pèse beaucoup sur les défenses adverses, et donne aussi de sérieux coups de main quand on a besoin de lui en défense aussi.

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  58. Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

  59. StephanieSeptember 15, 2010Ian,Congrats on being #1. It looks like you are having a lot of fun! You’ll have to tell me about your dog sledding experience sometime. Enjoy your last week in Alaska!And BUNGIE JUMPING?!?!!?!?! Let me first say that I am so jealous! I would love to do that! I am most definitely going to want to hear about this!!! Have fun!

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  62. Yeah what Shaymanbob (thank you for serving btw).Of course the Taliban’s anti aircraft defence squadron could simply consist of a bunch of ‘tards with large fly swatters, the elite could have those electric tennis rackets. Their special forces could be guys with double barrelled shotguns loaded with birdshot!

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  66. · Oh deliciousness! I have sweet potatoes, and every other ingredient (except for coconut oil – would olive be okay?) so these will be appearing on our dinner table sometime this week. What a pity I am one of the only people who likes sweet potatoes in our family….

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  69. Es increible lo que ha vivido esta mujer. ni la novela más fantasiosa, tendría tantos acontecimientos. Estoy en la mitad del libro.,,,,Y a veces nos quejamos por los inconvenientes que hemos tenido en la vida, es para pensar.y decir como ella se puede…y el que tiene fé más aun. “Todo lo puedo en aquel que me conforta”

  70. You were in the “sul” right? You were obviously not in the “nordeste” where there were three posters that ran neck and neck:(1) Jesus (Wearing heart on tunic. Literally.)(2) Mary(3) Pope John Paul II

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  72. I don’t really know what this was about  -  a human interest story to break up the monotony of endless political stories.   His retarded disabled brother has value in his eyes…thats good.   He does not have much value in my eyes.  I didn’t know him or want to know him.   In my life my dogs have value in […]

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  75. well kareena does not need to run aftr money…shes d daughter of Kapoor family…she is herself very rich…on top of dat shes so beautiful dat she can easily get some rich smart guy…even saif married amrita who is 12years elder to her…so y blame kareena..?also karishma married her childhood frn…not fr money bt fr herself…aftr d break up wid abhishek… dese Stars r also humans wid feelings…u dont even knw dem personally, so how can u say such things abt dem…!

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  77. I just love your history, Mary. I knew southerners ate them on New Year's Day (cooked to within an inch of their life) but did not know the Texas Caviar story, nor have I ever eaten it. Your recipe really looks delicious and it will be fun to add such an interesting dish to my repertoire!Have a lovely weekend!

  78. I’d have to say Jeanine, because Eric is just evil, and will hurt me whenever he gets the chance. Jeanine is evil too, but in the evil genius, mad scientist way. The worst she could do is make me a lab rat.

  79. September 23, 2012 at 10:15 amEl titulo del vídeo debe ser como destruir el teclado del teléfono, todos sabemos que si que va a funcionar pero un tiempito mientras la humedad y la corriente desbaraten los contactos!, lo correcto es utilizar un limpiador especial el cual deja los contactos originales…..

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  81. In the city of Seattle, all food establishments are required to show calories. I know it is not always accurate, but I think it is a good general idea to get people to start thinking about what they are eating. The only tough thing is for small restaurants and coffee shops have to spend the extra money to know and publish all the calories for each meal. I am sure it is an extra hassle for many small establishments.

  82. no beh, allora è meglio zonga zo zonga zonga se @Frank: disco infernale vorrai dire @fiottolino: sarebbe bellissimo… quando lo facciamo? @Alex_Vr: originale anni 70. Si chiama “pistillo” e me l’ha regalata il signor Principino

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  84. These are awesome! I’m disappointed that other people didn’t do more poses, though, because it just makes me look like a camera hog…LOL But you did a great job!!! (And I wish I could get a haircut. I miss that style.)

  85. hi,thanks for your review – the pictures are really great too, truly tempting! just one question: so is it truly a ‘buffet’ brunch or is it all served to your table, and all the dishes are just that – and no extras? could you order more if you were still hungry, e.g. more foie gras?thanks!

  86. Gracias, Alexander.Estoy seguro de que desarrollar un panel de control multiplataforma no debe de ser fácil, pero a veces da la sensación de que no prueban nada, y que como hay foro, ya irán viendo cómo evoluciona todo.

  87. Change of heart? Shit. My heart’s been in the same place since I attended my first Niner game (Brodie’s last vs Pittsburgh) back in ’73. I could be wrong, but I believe Brodie’s last pass was and INT. He threw two that day. Even having a shitter day was my favorite Niner QB, Steve Spurrier. I looked up the box score. #11 was 1 of 9 for 3 yds and an INT vs the Steelers. That’s a #11-type performance alright.

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